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I Dr Shelly singhal who believes in helping people to live happier healthier more satisfying lives ,is a certified psychological counselor,a certified career counselor,working with school as well as working as a private practioner

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Personal Therapy

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Try to get the most out of your online counselling & therapy. Keep your appointments. Practice the exercises your therapist gives you. Treatment helps, and without it, you might get worse.Remember, you don’t have to deal with depression on your own. Help is out there.


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Depression is a word that is widely used but less understood. It is often confused with sadness, anxiety, phobia or stress.

Couples Therapy

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Sometimes we can love a person and still be toxic for them due to our past experiences, unresolved insecurities, distorted patterns of thinking, ideas of relationship, anger issues, controlling behavior etc.

Stress Management

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The purpose of Stress Management Counselling and Psychotherapy is not to eliminate stress from your life. This is impossible. Stress is a natural response to change, and change is inevitable. Having a certain amount of stress in your life is normal.

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Career Management

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Best Online Counselling and Therapy Packages

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Best Online Counselling and Therapy Packages, Get Connected with the Top Head Psychologists and the Best Mental Health Experts Online.