It is a normal and often healthy emotion.However ,when a person regularly feels disproportionate levels of anxiety,it might become a medical disorder.

dr selly singhal mohali


There are various symptoms of anxiety like nervousness,fear, apprehension,worry.It affects the mental health.

.Untreated Anxiety can also affects physical health also like raised heartbeat, sweating ,increased blood pressureand increase sensitivity to surroundings..

Symptoms:when a person starts feeling restlessness, uncontrollable feeling of worry, increased irritability,concentrated difficulties,sleep difficulties means it is an alarm to an invidual to see a counselor.


“Causes:There can be a various reasons for anxiety like environmental stressors,such as difficulties at work , relationship problems or family issues,genetics,medical factors like ongoing long term medical problems etc,brain chemistry like hormonal changes, previous history of withdrawal of illicit substance.”

Treatment: Anxiety can be treated by a counselor taking a form of psychotherapy known as CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) and exposure therapy.